Fresh Dynamics - Trade

Fresh Dynamics Transport functionality introduces the concept of ‘Transport Requirements’ and ‘Transport Orders’. ‘Transport Requirements’ are generated by sales orders, and consequently have the characteristics of a ‘from’ and ‘to’ location, required time and the calculated number of pallets. As the order is packed and packets built, the calculated number of pallets is updated automatically with the actual number.

‘Transport Orders’ can be created manually as required or may recur automatically. The ‘Transport Order’ has the characteristics of ‘from’ and ‘to’ location(s), planned time, capacity and indication of own, contract or customer transport.

The transport manager then associates ‘Transport Requirements’ with ‘Transport Orders’ within the constraints of capacity, time and route, creating new ‘Transport Orders’ as required. The system also therefore gives visibility of sales orders where transport has yet to be planned, and ‘Transport Orders’ currently under capacity. Although primarily focussed around sales order despatch, the system also allows the planning of an empty transport back-load.

In conjunction with the Pallet Building / ASN module, pallets are simply scanned into the transport and the transport flagged as despatched to confirm despatch of the associated sales order line(s).

The system can also generate purchase orders based on an internal Rate Table for the transport services from external hauliers, against which transport invoices can be checked later.