Support and Service Plans

Standard Fresh Dynamics Service Plan
Direct K3 Customers Authorised Partners
Product Releases, Service Packs, Hot Fixes, and Tax and Regulatory Updates
Problem Resolution Support
Knowledge Base
Partner Account Manager
Customer Account Manager
Annual User Forum
Call Logging
01235 854105

Response Times
Service requests will be prioritised according to the urgency and severity of the problem and the impact on your business. Issues affecting your ability to trade are given the highest priority, while cosmetic issues and issues that can be worked around, are given a lower priority.

There are three levels of call priority:

Priority Description Response Time Fix Time
System Down All work has stopped and there is a major software problem or data corruption. This type of call is given absolute priority and is allocated to a senior member of our team immediately 30 minutes 4 working hours
Urgent System severely affected. Issues with critical data entry seriously affecting a number of users or your customers. 1 working hour 8 working hours
Standard This is the default call priority for general processing problems or queries 8 working hours 24 working hours

Escalation procedures
Our Support Desk has an in-built escalation procedure, which monitors calls and alerts the most relevant manager or director. There are three levels of escalation:
1. Technical Team Leader
2. Head of Support
3. Customer Services Director

Authorised Partners and Microsoft representative may further and additionally escalate or monitor service requests to:

William Ball
Fresh Dynamics Product Director
+44 8442 252480

Before resorting to searching for materials in the Customer Services Portal and Fresh Dynamics Knowledgebase, customers and partners should have satisfied themselves that the information cannot be gleaned from the on-screen help or other documentation that is always delivered alongside the Fresh Dynamics application solution.

Fresh Dynamics on-screen help provides a form-by-form and field-by-field description of all functionality delivered through Fresh Dynamics, and should be the initial ‘go to’ resource for users requiring additional information.

The Fresh Dynamics Introductory Guide presents a high-level description of the functionality delivered through Fresh Dynamics on a module-by-module basis. The functionality is presented together with an overview of the challenges and requirements presented by businesses in the Fresh Produce sector that are not addressed by Microsoft Dynamics AX. This document is best to answer the questions What does it do? and What is it for?

The Fresh Dynamics User Reference presents supplementary and background information about the Fresh Dynamics functionality including the algorithms and calculations used at various point in Fresh Dynamics. This document is designed to answer the questions How does it work? and Why did it do that?

The Fresh Dynamics Quick Reference> guide shows where the various elements of Fresh Dynamics functionality can be seen, utilised and configured within Microsoft Dynamics AX. This document is best to answer the question is What do I have do to setup the functionality?

System administrators should also consult the Fresh Dynamics Installation Guide for information regarding the installation and initial setup of Fresh Dynamics.

Customer Services Portal
As well as available for logging calls, our Customer Services Portal allows full call management. You can track a call’s progress and request or send updates. Full access to your call history is available to enable you to track all calls and resolutions.

A library of queries and responses will be made available covering the general day-today issues you may encounter. News items will also be posted regularly, covering updates and hotfixes, best practice guidelines, product compatibility and anything else we come across that we believe you will find useful.

Fresh Dynamics Knowledgebase
K3 maintains a separate Fresh Dynamics Knowledgebase of hint, tips, queries and resolutions and best practices. This is limited to matters directly related to Fresh Dynamics with all articles being edited for clarity and checked for accuracy.

Fresh Dynamics is provided as an add-on module to Microsoft Dynamics AX, and can only be deployed and utilised in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Fresh Dynamics is therefore made available in versions to corresponding with releases, cumulative updates and service packs of Microsoft Dynamics AX. The availability and provision of support for Fresh Dynamics is driven by the support status of the associated instance of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Where the associated instance of Microsoft Dynamics AX is within Microsoft’s Mainstream support phase, Fresh Dynamics will be fully supported within the standard Customer and Approved Partner service plans above. Outside this period, support for Fresh Dynamics will be limited to pay-per-incident support service.

Fresh Dynamics Service Plan beyond Microsoft’s Mainstream support phase
Direct K3 Customers Authorised Partners
Pay-per-incident Problem Resolution Support
Knowledge Base
Partner Account Manager
Customer Account Manager
Annual User Forum

Fresh Dynamics versions will be made available for the most current release, cumulative update, and service pack of Microsoft Dynamics AX within 3 months of the general availability of that instance of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

All releases of Fresh Dynamics will follow Microsoft’s Statement of Direction for Microsoft Dynamics AX and will be developed compliant with Microsoft Best Practice to at least the level mandated within the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics ((CfMD) scheme.

Where practical, appropriate and advantageous Fresh Dynamics will leverage newly introduced standard functionality within Microsoft Dynamics AX. Where new standard functionality is introduced in Microsoft Dynamics AX that is directly equivalent to Fresh Dynamics functionality, K3 will deprecate the corresponding features in Fresh Dynamics in time.