Procurement Planning

Fresh Dynamics - Planning

Fresh Dynamics Procurement Planning allows for input and visualisation of planned purchases against customer requirements. This allows buyers and traders to plan for the fulfilment of individual customer demands with the purchase of specific raw material if necessary. This is aided with the Fresh Dynamics principle of requirement and supply ‘profile’ such as country of origin, grade, size, variety etc. These ‘profiles’ may not exist as unique items (SKUs) in the inventory table and may simply be characteristics of individual purchases or batches. This allows, for example, a single generic item (SKU) to be procured correctly from different countries to support different customers’ country-of-origin demands.

Another feature is the ability to present all demand, supply and inventory levels in a common pack size or native units. For example, demand may actually be in packs x4, x6 and x12; purchases may be in cases, units and Kg, and inventory may be in pallets and cases. However the Procurement Planning interface allows the planner to view everything in x8 pack equivalents.