Pallet builder

Fresh Dynamics - Planning

The Fresh Dynamics Pallet Builder application allows despatch supervisors to plan the optimal pallet content to satisfy customer orders based on pre-defined pallet-mix and pallet-capacity rules. Supervisors and planners’ workload is reduced since Fresh Dynamics presents a default pallet built for each order.

The system then prints pallet build instructions and pallet labels with the required contents (or ID of an existing whole pallet) against which the pickers build the despatch pallets. This allows for an agile picking and despatch operation since workers can build ‘by pallet’ and are not constrained to pick by complete customer order.

The pallet contents are recorded to be transmitted to the receiving customer or depot as an Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN).

The Pallet Builder module may be closely bound to the Fresh Dynamics Transport functionality allowing transports to be loaded by reference to pallet Ids alone, and the despatch of the transport can automatically trigger the ASN transmission.