Graphical Planning Board

Fresh Dynamics - Planning

The Fresh Dynamics Graphical Planning Board provides planners with a clear and intuitive view of production orders by line, with full drag- and- drop functionality to allow production orders to be moved earlier or later, or onto different lines.

In conjunction with the Manpower Planning module, the number of workers on each production order can be adjusted to increase or decrease the run time; the impact on the total number of workers required over time can then be instantly visualised.

The Graphical Planning Board operates in real time within the constraints of any linked or dependant operations, thus for example dragging a ‘wash’ operation later will also delay corresponding ‘pack’ and ‘label’ operations. Similarly dragging a later operation earlier will cause all the earlier operations to be advanced too.

Finite capacity per line (by number of workers) is also supported in this graphical environment, thus dragging a production order to a line at a time when it is already planned to be busy will cause an instant automatic re-schedule of the orders to accommodate the new work.