Fresh Dynamics - Planning

What do we need to pack to fulfil our sales orders? When do we have to pack it by? Where are we going to pack it? What raw materials are we going to use? How many workers do we need? What happens when we don’t have the raw materials or resources we need?

These are questions asked by Fresh produce businesses every day. Add in long- and short-term planning and the inevitable last-minute changes and it is clear why the answers typically come from a number of disparate systems, often maintained quite separately from the core business solution.

But of course the demands, the plans and the resources are all inextricably linked, which is why Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 delivers a unified Master Planning facility to evaluate all of the demands and requirement and to serve each role within the business with the information they need from a common source. This delivers innovative class-leading functionality enjoyed by manufacturers in virtually every sector.

But K3 recognises the additional needs of the Fresh Produce industry. Fresh Dynamics adds support for variable quality raw materials that impact on planned production yields and times on a batch-by-batch basis. Fresh Dynamics seamlessly handles the constraints of resources with finite capacity such as grading equipment, and manpower-intensive tasks where variable numbers of agency workers will be required on a day-by-day basis.