Quality Control

Fresh Dynamics - Packhouse

The standard Dynamics AX Quality Control (QC) functionality is enhanced with Fresh Dynamics with the introduction of additional QC test types. Repeating tests are also introduced with reduction rules such as first, last, average, total, earliest, latest, highest and lowest. This allows, for example, a temperature test to be repeated for a number of cases on a pallet with all results being recorded but the highest result being uses as the control for pass or fail.

In addition to the standard strict pass / fail test outcome, Fresh Dynamics adds unlimited user-defined QC statuses that are shown colour-coded against individual batches. These QC statuses may then additionally be used to block the usage of individual batches.

Usability has been improved and now test results can be presented against any batch with just a single mouse-click.
In conjunction with the Fresh Dynamics Grade-Out module, tests can also be configured to automatically calculate and set the out-grade / in-grade (out of specification / in specification) levels on individual batches.

The Fresh Dynamics Packhouse Mobility module allows QC checks to be processed on mobile devices in real time.