Pallet/Tray/Box Control

Fresh Dynamics - Packhouse

The loss of pallets, re-usable trays, potato boxes, bulk display units (BDUs) etc can be a costly problem for businesses. This can be caused by failing to get this reusable packaging returned from customers or by the erroneous return of reusable packaging to growers.

The Fresh Dynamics Pallet / Tray/ Box Control module identifies the packaging associated with the despatches and receipts and keeps and automatic log of packaging owed by and owed to. Additional functionality allows the recording of ‘empty’ packaging returned or received, for example when a driver collects empty pallets as a back-load.
The system also allows packaging uplift or collection paperwork to be issued along with the normal despatch documentation. This advises the driver to collect any previously owed packaging once the goods have been delivered.