Packhouse Mobility

Fresh Dynamics - Packhouse

Packhouse Mobility provides an out-of-the box solution for mobile devices in the warehouse and packhouse; these are typically wireless radio-frequency (RF) bar-codes readers, but PDAs, tablet PC’s and many other devices are also supported. The application presents an easy to use touch-enables user interface configured for the size and aspect ratio of mobile device displays.

Fresh produce warehouses can often present challenges in providing good wireless coverage. The Fresh Dynamics solution therefore operates with very low bandwidth requirements and is designed with ‘persistence of state’ built-in, thus in the event of losing the wireless signal the user will simply resume ‘where they left off’ when connectivity is re-established.

All the typical inventory functions are supported including goods received, stock movement, issues to production, picking, stock check, item and pallet lookup. In conjunction with the Fresh Dynamics Quality Control (QC) module, the solution is enhanced further to enable QC checks to be carried out on the mobile device. In turn nominated QC tests can be configured to set the grade-out-quantity on checked batches in conjunction with the Grade –Out module.