Fresh Dynamics - Packhouse

Fresh produce businesses know the problem: final customer orders received after the time when packing has to begin. The solution is the principle of ‘pack-ahead’; packing a lesser quantity in advance against provisional or estimated requirements, and then packing a balance when the final order is received.

But for conventional ERP solutions this is an unnatural proposition – the same order progressively received as forecast, provisional and final; fulfilled by multiple productions. But Fresh Dynamics has been designed expressly to support this scenario without sacrificing any of Microsoft Dynamics AX2012’s rich manufacturing functionality.

This is supported by a touch-screen line-side application for line workers that eases the recording of consumption and waste by grower’s batch and shows real-time projections of the finish time. A standard solution for mobile devices and bar code scanners is also included.

The Fresh Dynamics mobility solution also supports the in-built quantity control solution that captures results against user-defined tests and provides feedback to production planning and scheduling.