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What Our Customers Say

Staples Vegetables

"Staples chose Fresh Dynamics over other solutions in the market since Fresh Dynamices gives us the best of both worlds – the ability to start with low costs with a functionally and technically rich ERP and the option to add on functionality as we grow. Fresh Dynamics will help us optimise cutting sheet, quality control and packhouse operations for increased profitability. Portable data capture will ensure that the planning, packhouse and transport department are all looking at the latest information. In an industry where customers continue to expect more for less, Fresh Dynamics will give Staples the ability to deliver what we promise" Vernon Road, Director Staples Vegetables Ltd

E.Park & Sons

“Award-winning potato supplier to the nation, E. Park and Sons are investing in special fresh produce software from K3 Business Solutions. Established in 1924, E. Park and Sons are a family-owned and run business and are the sole licensee of National Trust Potatoes and Vegetables. They have a strong reputation for high quality and innovation and its new FreshDynamics™ enterprise resource planning (ERP) system will help maintain its leading edge in the potato supply chain.” Read More >